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Patient Stories

Katrina M., Fort Walton Beach, FL

I am one of the many people who have been adversely affected by Tricare’s decision.

Chris B., San Diego, CA

I was diagnosed with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) on the right side of my jaw when I was on active duty with the Marine Corps in 2003. I was told there was nothing Navy Medicine could do and to wear a night guard, because the surgery to fix it was no guarantee and very painful. I wore the night guard, but my condition got progressively worse over the next decade. First, my jaw began to click, then it tightened to a point that I could not eat certain foods and finally became so painful for both my jaw and neck that at night I would have to take 4-5 Advil in order to sleep.

Robin M., Navarre, FL

I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis three years ago. I tried over the counter medications such as Tums, Rolaids. Rolaids helps slightly, but those with this condition know that when it’s severe, it’s difficult to find any relief. Gastroparesis prevents your stomach from emptying properly, causing nausea, vomiting and stomach cramping, and can interfere tremendously with your overall nutrition. I thought nothing would every truly help until my doctor told me about Domperidone, a medication that could be created for me by a compounding pharmacist.

Sandy M., Englewood, CO

I use a compounding pharmacy for bio-identical hormones. A friend of mine told me about how BHRT from a compounder could help after we both were tired of our hair falling out. Once I began my compounded regimen, I started sleeping again and my hair quit falling out. The conventional doctor from Kaiser Permanente didn’t even know about compounded medicine and wasn’t able to prescribe them. I tell everyone I meet and befriend about bio-identical hormones and compounding pharmacies.

Martha W., Sandy, UT

This is my personal testimonial of how compounded medications drastically improved my health and life, when years of general, mainstream medications had no effect. In 2004, at age of 34, I had a total hysterectomy, thrusting me into immediate menopause.

Sally E., Irving, TX
I have been using two different compounded hormones for approximately thirty years. I began using them around 1985, after making an exhaustive search with numerous physicians to find out why I felt so badly all the time, but was never diagnosed with any kind of illness.

Patty W., Dothan, AL
My pharmacist and my doctor saved my life with bio-identical hormones. I started menopause at age 41. I had aggressive symptoms such as night sweats that would wake me six times a night. I experienced poor sleep, high stress, and had a huge decline in my quality of life.

Yvonne L., Clarksville, TN
I use compounded hormone replacement cream that has been very beneficial to address post-menopausal issues as well as to reverse my osteoporosis. I also use compounded Low Dose Naltrexone for chronic pain relief from Fibromyalgia, and it is the only medication that helps me with the pain from this condition.

Terri L., Juneau, AK
I have been on hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) for the past 11 years. I have been able to decrease the dosage of estradiol that I need for my health and am now down to where I need only 50 mg per day of progesterone to balance the estradiol. However, progesterone is not commercially available in a 50-mg. dosage, so I have been prescribed a compounded medicine at that dosage level. It is provided through Scott Watts and staff at Ron’s Apothecary in Juneau.

Char A.
I have been using a compounded cream to relieve arthritis pain in my knee joints and shoulder area since 2012. This medication has worked miracles for me and my mother.

Susan G.H. St. Charles, IL

I began using compounded medicine 10 years ago to treat severe symptoms of menopause that were not relieved by standard medications. The menopausal symptoms disappeared shortly after beginning my new regimen. Before the Affordable Healthcare Act forced everyone to have health insurance, I did have good insurance through BCBS of Illinois, ICHIP. That policy did cover compounded medications. That program ended, and I had to go with another BCBS policy.

Linda S. Schaumburg, IL

I have been a customer of Mark Drugs, a compounding pharmacy in Roselle, for almost 15 years. My husband, daughter, daughter-in-law and I have all used compounded hormones and it has changed our lives. I have been on compounded hormones since I was 44. I am now 58. I had a hysterectomy, like so many other women, and two years later I was miserable. Hot flashes, couldn’t sleep, crabby. It was awful. So I began taking compounded estrogen, progesterone. It was a miracle for me! I was normal again. Over the years I have added testosterone as well. I am healthy and still play softball in a league with mostly 30 year olds!

Paulene D.
I have gastroparesis, a condition in which my digestive system fails to contract and move food through. The only medication available for this in the U.S. is metoclopramide, which has severe side effects including Parkinson’s Disease-like symptoms. Domperidone, which helps my stomach to function and does not have the same side effect profile, can be compounded. Without compounding, Domperidone would only be available in Canada and would be much harder for me to obtain.

Annette W., Pharmacist, Tampa, FL

The geriatric population is particularly sensitive to the adverse effects of oral medications. I have personally seen many patients suffer these ill effects to their severe detriment. Because pain has become the fifth vital sign, many elderly patients are being prescribed one-size fits all‎ pain medicine, resulting in overdoses and other types of negative consequences, including death. Compounding provides individualized dosing and alternate modes of drug delivery (especially topical), that offer physicians and patients a way to avoid the side effects of traditional systemic therapies.

Suzanne M., Auburn, WA

I had a total hysterectomy in 2005, and by 2007 I felt like I was dying. I couldn’t think clearly and my memory was failing fast. As a nurse that was a major problem. At times I couldn’t remember my birthday. Also, my blood pressure was now through the roof. Prior to my hysterectomy I maintained a steady blood pressure of 110/70. The day after surgery I was 200/120 and post-surgery was rarely below 150/100 after that. I had muscle aches and pain night and day. I suffered daily migraines. Until I started compounded hormone replacement therapy nothing was effective in relieving my symptoms.

Karen R., Colonia, NJ

After menopause, my female-ness completely disappeared. This not only affected my sexuality, but my bone density tests showed severe bone loss over a three year period. Only through bio-identical compounded hormone therapy have I been restored. My latest bone density test has shown a seven percent increase. My hair has stopped falling out, my skin is no longer parched, and my moods are stable. More women of my age group should know about these amazing compounds.

Kelly P., Union, OH

When my daughter, Abby, was just 2 years-old, the world as she knows it changed. We discovered at that time that along with her asthma, she had developed serious allergies to a vast amount of items – milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, herbs, eggs (white and yolk), pork, raspberries and blueberries, oranges, and sunflower seeds, to name a few. Now 6 years-old, her immunoglobulin E (IgE) is 10,000. Because of her severe allergies, she cannot take any over the counter medications such as Tylenol, or any manufactured antibiotic. For years we have had Abby’s medications, even pain relievers, compounded by our local compounding pharmacist. And when my daughter had to be hospitalized at Dayton Children’s Hospital, the staff could not compound medications for her so our pharmacy stepped in (and my husband brought them to the hospital). It is a constant battle to make sure that she doesn’t consume anything that could trigger an allergic reaction.

Claire A., Phoenix, AZ
I first was introduced to compounding when I started Hormone Replacement Therapy in 2012. At the time I was completely broken and a step away from stroking out, and I was only 52. I had spent the last 30 years getting progressively worse with something no one could find. I had extreme pain and was so tired I had trouble getting to work each day. My doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, but it turns out it was issues with my hormone levels.

Lee F., San Antonio, TX
I have been disabled for years. I have an implanted fusion pump and take many other medications. My doctor has been prescribing Ketamine for burning in my low back. The medication is compounded at Oakdell Pharmacy at Stone Oak (a truly wonderful pharmacy I am blessed to have found). I have insurance through the company I worked for as well as Medicare.

Lynne S., Rochester, NY
I had a heart attack and a gastric bypass surgery in 2003, so am very limited as to what I can take for my migraines, due to these 2 health issues. I was covered by insurance (Excellus BC/BS) for years, then all of a sudden, they said that one of the ingredients in my compounded medication (Indomethacin, Promethazine, Caffeine), was not FDA approved. It is my only hope for relief from my migraines.

Kathryn S., Tulsa, OK
In 2005, I started seeing a neurologist who is a pain specialist and a licensed physician within the same office who administers acupuncture to help with pain I was experiencing after having a partial craniotomy and spinal cord surgery to relieve a syringomyelia inside my spinal cord.

Sarah G., Baltimore, MD
I was never destined to have good knees. I have had pain in my knee since I was a kid. From being born pigeon-toed, to developing Osgood-Schlatter disease, to bone chips, to IT band injuries from running and finally to falling down a flight of stairs at work tearing my meniscus – at the age of 30 years old I have had three knee surgeries and have been on all kinds of medication to alleviate the chronic pain I suffer. Of course, I have to also manage the various side effects that come along with the drug regimen my doctors have had me try. In addition to the knee pain, I also suffer from off and on back pain, typically triggered by repetitive lifting of heavier objects.

Michael P.

At the age of 16 years old I received a head injury during football practice that resulted in a subdural hematoma and an epidural hematoma, which is a traumatic brain hemorrhage. My recovery was long and hard, and still affects me to this day.

Valerie D., Jacksonville, OR
I currently suffer from Lichen Sclerosus, which is a horrible autoimmune disease. The only way I’ve been able to keep the side effects under control has been through the use of compounded solutions. Without my compounded medication, this disease would leave me irreversibly deformed and in constant pain with the threat of cancer looming over me.

Pam R., Omaha, NE, ESI Cuts
I suffer from chronic pain in my lower back, hip, neck and shoulder, but I keep that pain under control with a compounded cream. This medication has changed my life and taken away the pain. Before starting this treatment I was going to the chiropractor nearly every day and taking powerful, addictive pain killers and muscle relaxers. Neither of these treatments worked very well and the oral medications left me feeling groggy. I work as a travelling medical administrator and spend most of my days on the road driving from clinic to clinic. It is an absolute necessity that I maintain my full faculties and not be impaired by prescription pain killers.

Joseph P., St. Louis, MO, Sinus & Lungs (chronic staph infections)
I recently received a letter from my pharmacy benefit manager, Express Scripts, Inc., informing me my compounded medication would no longer be covered. This is unsettling and scary. Prior to this medication, I was unable to breathe due to chronic Staph infections that would breed in my sinuses and move to my lungs. I was healthy just one week per month. The other three weeks it was difficult to leave the house as I was dependent on inhalers and nebulizers to find some relief. I would struggle for air and cough uncontrollably until my head would pound with every pulse. After 14 cycles of oral antibiotics in 15 months and through many tests and coordinated efforts with my pulmonologist and ear nose and throat doctor, I was prescribed a compounded drug-Vancomyocin and Budesonide mixed with a saline solution and inhaled through my sinuses. Since the start of this medication in June 2014, I have not been sick. I haven’t even had to use my rescue inhaler once. I run 4 miles every other day and have a very healthy lifestyle now. I can finally play and be active with my children whereas before I simply couldn’t. This medicine has changed my life so dramatically that I would go as far as to say that it actually saved me. It has provided me the opportunity to live fully and breathe easy.

Susan Cox, Hormone Replacement Therapy
About 10 years ago on the advice of my doctor I decided to start hormone replacement therapy to mitigate the effects of menopause. I researched my treatment options and decided that a compounded cream was the right medical choice. I didn’t want to take a pill or anything internally due to the side effects. I really liked the fact that the compounded cream was especially made for me and my needs.

Kendra Shearer, Ovarian Cancer Survivor “In 2007 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which resulted in a very difficult surgery that changed my life. As a woman in my forties, I realized that it was vital for me to take medication as part of my life-long recovery plan. After surgery, my doctor prescribed a regimen of manufactured prescriptions for the purpose of hormone replacement therapy. Unfortunately, I began to experience significant side effects to the synthetic medications. The medication caused me to develop high blood pressure followed by significant weight gain. With the medication, I was extremely ill, without it I was almost lifeless. As a registered nurse, I knew that the side effects were dangerous to my health, and would be considered an adverse reaction by anyone in the medical community, yet I needed medications to heal and have a full quality of life.

Casandra O., Leesburg, VA

As the mother of two children who depend on compounded medications to assist with complications from Autism Spectrum Disorder, I can attest to the benefits – compounding has been life changing for my family.

Cappie McBeth, Forney, TX, Hormone Replacement Therapy

I have been using compounded progesterone for two years. It makes a major difference in my healthcare, and it has enabled me to stop taking less safe and effective medications.

Deb K. “I have had chronic lower back pain from an injury sustained a while back. My doctors had prescribed some pain medications that worked initially, but eventually lost their effectiveness. I had tried Percocet, Oxycontin and many more, but nothing was working to relieve the pain.”

Gayle Y. “I have celiac disease, and I am a happy, healthy, thriving celiac. At least now I am, thanks to my compounding pharmacist.”

Robin Johnson: “I was able to help heal a patient’s painful radiation burns from his cancer treatment with a compounded cream in just 14 days.”
King’s Compounding Pharmacy, Marlow, TX

Saad Dino: “I was able to help a 13 month old infant with leukemia by compounding a drug that has turned her into a leukemia-free and a healthy, happy second grader.”
Afton Pharmacy, Afton, MA

Dr. Kristine Sarna: “A patient of mine was able to bring her peripheral neuropathy pain down from a ten to a zero with a compounded dose of naltrexone. It changed her life.”
Norra Terra Family Practice, Phoenix, AZ

Dena Palmer: “My son is autistic, he cannot take pills and due to sensory issues has a limited diet. Compounding has decreased the stress in not just my life, but my son’s life and my entire family’ lives by offering alternative ways for my son to get the nutrition and medication he needs.”
Grace Apothecary, Mount Juliet, TN (Ashley is the name of the pharmacist at Grace Apothecarey)

Barry Bilbro: “As a compounding pharmacist it’s more than just putting pills in a bottle. I am part of a patient’s team. We are problem solvers and we work with the physicians to help the patient.”

Ehab Mikhail: “I helped a diabetic patient who had already had one leg amputated save the other foot with a topical compound.”

Dale Coker: “I got a call from a doctor, whose son needed to take an SSRI, but couldn’t swallow a pill and wouldn’t take the liquid version. We created a transdermal cream that administers the medication topically. The doctor is amazed at the results!”
Cherokee Custom Script Pharmacy, Canton, GA

Bobby Muniz: “Without a compounding pharmacy a newborn with a congenital heart defect wouldn’t have been able to take his medicine. The medication only came in tablet form and we were able to turn it into a solution. He is now a happy and healthy two year old.”

Chris Cox: “I have a lot of chronic pain patients who were taking oral medications that create a lot of side awful side effects. I am able to offer them a topical pain cream that they rub on to take away their pain.”
Smith Rexall Drug, Pleasant Grove, UT

John Clark: “A chronic pain patient of mine was on multiple oral pain medications, which took care of his pain, but reduced his quality of life. I suggested a topical pain cream to his doctor and the cream allowed him to get off the expensive oral prescription medications and manage his pain with one topical compounded cream.”

Kelly Selby: “Because she couldn’t swallow, a terminally ill patient of mine was having a hard time managing her pain medications and her family was being pressured to move her to a hospital – something neither she nor her family wanted. I was able to come up with a sublingual dosage form that allowed her to stay at home and die with dignity.”
Community Pharmacy, Denton, TX

Kevin Borg: “I had a patient who had extreme amounts of pain due to some wounds on his ankle and the oral pain pills weren’t healing the wound. I was able to create a topical pain cream that helped solve the pain and healed the tissue.”
Potter’s House Apothecary, Peoria, AZ

Mark Binkley: “Compounding provides the opportunity to step in and do an intervention that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Matthew Lester: “I love to read mysteries – compounding is another way to solve a mystery. It gives me the opportunity to think outside the box.”

Crystal Campbell: “I got interested in compounding pharmacy because I wanted to be able to provide patients with medications that aren’t commercially available and to tailor medications to meet their specific needs.”
Tampa Family Pharmacy, Tampa, FL